Practus’ performance improvement services assisted the manufacturing company in splitting its MRP across channels.

Client ROIIndustryOwnershipManagementNo. of EmployeesSizeProject Duration
A Manufacturers of Chocolates5xConsumer GoodsMNCProfessional2000$70 million3 months

About The Company

Chocoshey’s is a leading manufacturer of chocolates, chocolate-based spreads, confectionery, syrups, cookies, milkshakes, and juices, with more than ten brands and sales across India.

Practus’ Role in Performance Improvement Services

  • Spreadsheets are used to assess trade promotion spending information.
  • Examine whatever needs to be modified in the record-keeping process and give recommendations.
  • Provide insights on competitor trade expenditure based on field trips.
  • Approximately 25,000 transactions were reviewed over the course of two months.
  • Present results and ideas to the Sales Leadership team.

Impact Delivered in Performance Improvement Services

  • Trade Promotions spending was examined for the first time in the company on a month-by-month basis in the parameters listed below:
    • Sales from Primary vs. Secondary Sources.
    • By Product: SKU and Brand.
    • By Channel: General Commerce,   Modern Commerce, and E-Commerce.
    • North, South, East, and West Zones.
    •  Budget vs. Actual.
    • By Incentive Scheme launched.
    • RD claims and non-RD claims.
  • The MRP was split among channels, displaying margins at distributors and retailers as well as primary and secondary trade marketing spending.
  • Price-off schemes and volume-based reductions were found to be inefficient during field research.
  • Recommendations to address several issues:
    • Delayed claim submission (delays of more than one year).
    • Inadequate IO budgetary tracking.
    • Regular IOs are used for mid-month schemes.
    • Process to validate the authenticity of the data.

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