Practus assisted the Toy Distributor in reducing the cost of distribution as the percentage of sales went down to 2.5% from 4% and increasing the sales by 8%.

About The Company

Toy zone has been in the market for more than two decades. Toy zone has been the pioneer of its field. Toy zone has connected with 60 distributors and 600 dealers till now for the betterment of its efficiency. It also has 600 stock-keeping units.

Practus’ Role

  • In various states, the dealer and distribution networks were expanded.​
  • With a mother godown, the hub and spoke model was implemented.​
  • Increased the number of C&F agencies in each state from six to eleven.

Impact Delivered

  • The increase in sales was 8%.​
  • The distribution cost as a proportion of sales decreased from 4% to 2.5%.​
  • The presence of metro/sub-metropolitan and SEC A+ towns has grown.​