Practus’ enabled the hospital to redeploy the existing team with new roles and responsibilities, thereby improving the finance department’s effectiveness.

Client NameROIIndustryOwnershipManagementNo. of EmployeesSizeProject Duration
Hospital Care4.8xHealthcarePE-BackedProfessional~1000~$35 million3 months

About The Company

Hospital Care is one of India’s top ten hospital networks, having ten hospitals in Maharashtra totaling ~750 beds. The F&A department is expected to give visibility into the return on investments from new facilities, capacity utilization, hospital profitability, and Return on Capital Employed, according to management expectations (ROCE).​

Practus’ Role

  • Compare the F&A’s staff capability to that of the best-run hospitals, recording the major outputs now supplied by key F&A personnel, their frequency, and the quality rating of such output.​
  • The most feasible F&A organization structure to support Hospital Care’s Business Plan implementation.​
  • Re-allocating resources to enable more and higher-quality output with the same F&A personnel strength is a possibility.​
  • A study was conducted to recommend “SMART” financial efficiency methods. Examine the tasks that must be completed in the next 12 months and determine whether internal or external assistance is required.​

Impact Delivered

  • The existing staff were redeployed with new roles and responsibilities as a consequence of the benchmarking research and talent assessment, which improved the Finance Department’s effectiveness. This is a very common misinterpretation.​
  • The deployment of systems and improved utilization of present processes assisted in resource optimization (manpower and free time).​