Business Turnaround

In highly competitive industries, the structural design and the analysis of the business processes to meet the end goal plays a crucial role. Upgrading and remodeling the business process to remove hindrances and errors for a better outcome are necessities for business growth. Business Turnaround is the process to achieve optimum customer satisfaction, eliminating a hindrance process, cutting back the operational cost, and establishing the brand as a world-class enterprise.

Nowadays, IT sector and automated system is a major enabler in radical designing of the business processes. It aids in the collaboration with a wider reach of entities and business networking systems. Moreover, it enhances the data dissemination system of the venture. During a business turnaround, the firm takes usage of modern technology for optimizing the workflow procedure. For better systemization and coping up with the competitor, an enterprise depends upon a better and convenient system to proceed with the operations.

Business Turnaround often leads to change in the organizational structure and workflow of the firm and requires a high level of assessment of the business processes and their sub-processes before the implementation of the remodeling plan.

Business Turnaround For An Intelligent Organization

Business process change management is the methodology for optimum utilization of the resources at minimum cost and focuses on quality, speed, and service for the improvement of critical performance.

One of the biggest risks involved during the business turnaround is the failure of the remodeling. Any company that is willing to improve has to take that risk. However, to reduce the risk, the critical evaluation of the current processes and the redesigning plan will help reach better decision-making.

Redesigning the processes can also mean replacing the old methods, technologies, and ideologies with new ones. During a turnaround, it is better to have professionals who have expertise in all these areas.

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Practus To The Rescue

Practus consists of synergic teams that are experts in different areas, markets, and technology. We provide the solution according to your need. Practus brings various business-related and technological tools with the purpose of turning around the firm’s procedures.

During business transformation, our team partners from the initial stage. We work with your company in process mapping for the outline plan. We focus on IT development to implement a better technological system to replace the outdated model.

For reducing risk factors, we also facilitate services for risk management to critically involve the change within the organization. Practus works on the methodology and ideology considering the culture and environment of the enterprise. Outline planning of the radical design takes place keeping in mind the current working environment and the methods for adjustability during the process.

Practus undertakes the following processes to implement Business Turnaround:

  • Process Mapping
  • Risk Management Framework
  • IT System Hauling
  • Control Architecture
  • End-to-End BPR
  • Process/ People GAAP analysis
  • Graphical SOPs

Practus prioritizes survival and expansion in a dynamic business environment by altering some of the outdated processes to yield improvement with a better workflow system, information systems, and networks.

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