About Practus

Practus is the epitome of successful implementation. We understand that transformation is at the core of organizational success, innovation, and reimagining. Practus is critical to the change that enables, empowers, and enthuses the systems, processes, and resources to align with the evolving organizational goals as an implementation services company.

Family-owned, private equity/venture capital-backed, listed firms, MNCs, and social impact organizations can benefit from our Office of the CFO, Performance Improvement, and Business Transformation services. By committing 3x to 12x ROI on our fee, we take entire ownership of the change and work on an outcome-based strategy.

Our operations in New York, Dubai, and India serve a global client base spanning all industry verticals and sizes. We connect the dots, uncover what is invisible, create value, and produce results for start-ups, mid-size businesses, and multinational corporations.

1000+ Clients
3x to 12x ROI delivered
5Million +
Man Hours Of Experience
200Million $ +
38% + Women
  • Why we do, what we do


    Our Purpose 

    At Practus, our purpose is to disrupt the ‘consulting’ space & challenge the status quo. The impact that we generate helps improve business outcomes for clients significantly. Our team collaborates successfully with stakeholders to deliver tangible results with technology as an enabler. In doing so, we play a critical role in building a better world for our people, clients, business partners, and community.

  • How we do it


    Using proprietary frameworks and methodology, we have consistently delivered tangible outcomes: profitability & working capital improvement, revenue optimization, enterprise valuation enhancement to our clients in the range of 3X – 12X of our fee;

    Our clients have benefitted from Practus through
    (a) Fixed fee plus variable linked model (not ‘hourly’ rates),
    (b) ROI assurance (guaranteed payback of our fee),
    (c) Technology-driven implementation model through proprietary tools, templates, and use of leading technology products
    (d) De- risked approach to project outcomes by agreeing right at the inception of the project to a defined payback before making investments in time and fee.

  • What we do


    At Practus, we assist organizations ranging from a start-up to Fortune 500 companies across diverse industries and deliver measurable business outcomes through 3 service lines

    (a) Office of CFO

    (b) Performance Improvement

    (c) Business Transformation

    The Practus team draws on its shared values, the ability to challenge the status quo, drive, energy, and passion into every client project, along with the diverse experience to deliver outstanding results for our clients every single time.

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Our approach to consulting is unique. We implement not just advise. See how we help companies just like yours.

Why Practus

Practus uses cutting-edge technology to help businesses tackle their most pressing issues – profitability, working capital, and enterprise valuation. We deliver results, not activities, and we are implementers, not advisors.

Our combination of professionals with solid industry experience, technology partnerships with leading global IT companies, and state-of-the-art proprietary tools ensure successful and efficient delivery. We work together with the client as a team, taking full responsibility for the results while ensuring a 3x to 12x return on our fees, creating a win-win situation.

  • Pragmatic and Effective Implementation
  • Highly Proficient Team
  • Superior Competency
  • Higher Assurance of Outcomes
  • Remarkable Continuity in Relationships
  • Flexibility in Engagement
  • Broader Range of Services
  • Outstanding Return on Investment

People at Practus

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A great culture is reflected in the team

A great culture is reflected in the team, customers, business partners, vendors, and those who wish to engage/work with you. Culture is hard to codify or define or confine within a set of parameters; culture is something to be experienced or felt.

Our people have a transformative and challenger DNA that combines beautifully with their individuality and what Practus has set out to achieve.

Amey Waingankar

Engagement Partner – (Performance Improvement) & Director- Client Success

Aditi Nair

Group Chief People Officer

Ajai Sachchar

Chief Business Officer - India

Anuja Arora

Head - Marketing & Branding

Bhavik Desai

Director – Client Success & Engagement Partner

Deepak Narayanan

Founder & CEO

Graham Kitching

Chief Business Officer - North America

Narayan K

Sr Director – Client Success & Engagement Partner

Ramnath S

Executive Director and Lead CFO Partner

Ravikanth Rao

Director – Client Success & Engagement Partner – India & US

Srinath Kamath

Industry Leader - Information Technology



Vignesh Mathur

Director - Client Success & Engagement Partner

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