Logistics & SCM

Logistics has changed dramatically from a merely operational function. Industry 4.0 reshapes and demands that organizations reconsider how their supply chains are designed. To focus on advanced plans like analytical demand planning or integrated SOPs, the supply chain management function has become established business procedures.

Supply Chain Management Trends

According to McKinsey Projections, the potential impact of Supply Chain 4.0 in the next two to three years will be enormous: operating expenses are expected to drop by up to 30%, lost sales and inventory reductions are expected to decline by up to 75% each.

Practus assists its clients in adapting and using new digital supply chain business models, as well as transforming their businesses into digital supply chains. Digitization enables businesses to meet new customer demands, mitigate supply-side difficulties, and efficiency improvement objectives. Our performance management services and KPI dashboards build on these trends, address the changing needs of supply chains: much faster, more accurate, and much more precise.

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