IPO/Exit Readiness

Taking a company public, or running an IPO is a complex and prolonged process. While many new and potential IPO candidates assume erroneously that the route to an IPO begins with a prospectus development and concludes on the day that the stock is open on the trade – the truth cannot be farther from that!

The IPO process begins long before the companies appear on stage. Companies must understand themselves, grasp their IPO aims, and take the challenging actions needed to fulfill the market expectations from a publicly listed company.

The IPOs market is highly dynamic and the chance window can only open for a brief while. Successful IPO needs alignment of organizational norms, robust controls, and improved technological agility.
The public listing of a company necessitates change – both systemic and cultural. Preparing organizations for disclosure obligations, transparency, compliance, and corporate governance is a complex process that requires time. Multiple measures need to be prepared, analyzed, and managed to get a company IPO ready in the best possible way.

The first major hurdle on the list is to be very clear and sure about taking the IPO route. Consider all the consequences for your company of public access and the best options.

Why Do You Need An IPO?

The most typical causes of an IPO are exiting existing shareholders, financing research and development, and increasing stakeholder visibility and credibility. The question that is most commonly asked is whether a particular moment is suitable to open an IPO. You can open and close the IPO window with a glance of your eye. External market forces are beyond the control of a firm but not preparedness. The more an organization is prepared, the higher the chances of a successful IPO. As a result of the IPO, liability exposure for managers and CFOs is considerably larger. Choosing a competent team guarantees that all work is properly protected early on in the process.

The figures are always important to public investors. A private firm would be wise to have all of these data pieces on hand before going public. Aside from GAAP financials, public investors and potential stakeholders will be searching for operational indicators used by senior management to run the business daily. Although investment bankers might be useful in this situation, a firm should already have a good set of performance measures in place.

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Practus For IPO Preparedness

Practus conducts IPO readiness evaluations on many metrics to determine the most significant improvements you will need to make. As you move through these, we examine your organization’s preparedness in greater depth, uncover and evaluate any lacuna in the organization, and establish a comprehensive calendar and strategy to track the status of the IPO process.
It is crucial to understand the IPO markets and Practus will give you the details to help you to respond as quickly as possible. To make this choice, we shall analyze the markets in detail. It evaluates the relative merits of the domestic or international market.

Practus assists companies with IPO Readiness Process with the following:

Pre-IPO Support

  • Proposed structuring of the IPO (issue size, dilution, promoter control, etc.)
  • Implement a Pre-IPO réorganisation plan
  • Restatement of Financial Statements Including Consolidated Financial Statements
  • Balance Sheet Restructuring
  • Drafting of Management Discussion & Analysis (MD&A)
  • Providing business /Financial/ operational metrics / information to help draft the DRHP
  • Selection and appointment of merchant bankers
  • Selection and appointment of Legal Advisors

Investor Relations

  • Communication Strategy Planning and Analysis
  • Issuance of Certificates and Comfort Letter
  • Project Managing listing process (Liaison with Lawyers, Merchant bankers, Auditors etc)

Systems and Controls Optimization

  • Improvement in Financial reporting process through
  • Product/customer profitability
  • Data Analytics & BI
  • Design specific controls to address identified deficiencies and assist in compiling remediation plans
  • Automation & tech enablement
  • Valuation enhancement through profitability improvement/cost rationalization, WC improvement

Establish Corporate Governance

  • Board Committees & Composition
  • Risk Management Framework & Consideration
  • SOX Readiness
  • Moving non-core functions to a shared services model, as appropriate
  • Forecasting of Financials along with a Business Model to create an Investment case


  • Post-IPO compliances with relevant authorities
  • Preparation of annual and quarterly filings & reporting
  • Preparation for Annual Audit

Practus has global expertise in assisting high-growth companies with their IPO journey – from readiness to evaluation to listing destination to getting listed – and to successfully grow as a public limited company post-transition.

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