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Rapid development in the IT sector over the last few decades has led to a technological revolution all over the world. Nowadays, technology is a part of everyday life, and an efficient Tech Stack is a building block for success. Tech Stack is a solution that combines people and software to bring efficiencies to the CFO and F&A function by providing a qualified and efficient Business Partnering CFO along with a hands-on F&A team at a much lower cost. Approximately 77% of the small businesses added some form of technology for their daily revenue generation. Automation is swiftly taking over manual work. The success drive motive by modern technology creates the basic assumption that the application of tech enablement will lead to success. However, no matter what tech tools or high-driven context software enterprises adapt, it will remain worthless until it does not know what application is the correct operation for the function.

Tech Stack forms the backbone of the modern organization, and with the right combination of people and software, can deliver CFO and F&A function in an offsite model. You want different tools in your stack that assist with accounting, payroll and claims, statutory compliance, ticketing, and BI tools to improve organizational efficiency. Tech Stack for applications improves the performance of the company by focussing on what technology to apply for optimum results.

Digital Transformation For Disruption

There is a massive shift in the methodology and ideology of industries. In today’s competitive world, an organization needs to facilitate the product and service most innovatively within the shortest amount of time for customers to feel its presence. Due to the advancement in technology, many services are available to the organization for increasing the speed of the business process. Additionally, technology also aids in the management of various other services.

Tech Stack plays a crucial role in the matter of presenting the data, better systemization, and functioning. With the right combination of technology, software, and tools, data is formed and delivered to where it needs to be utilized. Appropriate Tech Stack aids in the application of the tools to make an efficient impact on the working environment.

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How Can Practus Help You With Tech Stack?

Digital transformation services by Practus caters to challenges faced by VC-funded start-ups and SMEs. Tech Stack drastically reduces human intervention by automating the entire CFO and F&A function with some tool implementation. We empower your entire business ecosystem processes from “manual and on-site” to “automated and from anywhere” – for your employees and your customers. We utilize Tech Stack to improve performance levels since it is the backbone for digital transitioning in financing and accounting, management system, and data optimization.

Technology-driven methodology of resolving issues or usage of it in daily work needs the right choice of application. Practus feels the importance of the critical examination of the working environment to facilitate the right tools for the operational and non-operational activities.

For the application of the optimal technology, the Practus team will generate the best plan to deliver the suitable model for your company’s reach. The selection of the tool depends on the various aspects including the comfort zone of the employees who need to use the tools in their operations.

The SLA-based model lowers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) making Tech Stack an ideal value proposition. Value-added engagements, solution-in-a-box with standard SOPs and workflows, and high-quality reports & dashboards for better decision making make Tech Stack a beneficial and logical adoption.

Tech Stack is unique for different clients, and dependent on the technical support of the tools and software to optimize the business process. Some of the services we provide in a tech stack are:

  • Monthly Closing and Compliances
  • Expense Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Consolidation
  • Distributor Management
  • Business Planning and Forecasting
  • ERP/ BI Rollout

For increasing the overall performance and productivity of the business operation, a Tech Stack becomes an obligation.

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